Welcome to Dog & Bone Vintage

Welcome to the new vintage from decades gone by. At Dog & Bone we stand by quality in everything we do. At the moment you'll just be finding clothes on our beautiful website but soon, you'll start seeing other vintage and vintage-inspired goodies. From tea cup candles and handprinted vintage print inspired coasters, bottles. This is just the start. 

A little about the clothing. From the moment we source a garment to the moment it arrives at your door. We know sometimes people might feel online shopping lacks the experience of the real world and that's why we want you to feel less like just a stranger in a world of pictures, prices and faceless retail workers. In fact, we don't just want you to feel like A customer but we want you to feel like OUR customer - We want you to come back to us time and time again and build up a rapport with us. Maybe we'll be sending each other Christmas cards or birthday cards. 

We're not the biggest vintage website on the planet (yet) but we believe we hold the perfect values in terms of quality of product, delivery of product and customer service that make us the perfect place to find your new outfit and soon, other vintage/vintage-inspired products. We want you to feel more than a customer, we want you to see us as your friends and we would like to see you in the same way.

We're not your traditional eBay seller. We are a boutique shop and we believe in our products. The items we sell, we endeavour to be free of imperfections, smartly presented and ready for you to unwrap as if it was a gift. You'll find all our garments modelled on our store, with measurements all laid out (so have your tape measure at the ready to see if the item is for you). When you receive your item you'll find it beautifully packaged as we don't feel it appropriate for us to stop serving you as soon as the item leaves our headquarters. If you were in a boutique shop in the real world you'd be unimpressed if a quality item was simply thrown into a blue bag. This is all part of the experience of shopping we want to deliver to you, our customer.

Many thanks and enjoy the experience of shopping with us, 

Nicholas Barker

Founder of Dog & Bone Vintage